January 2, 2008


Happy New Year! As we were leaving the house on Jan 1, Jesse told me that we were supposed to send New Year's cards to everyone. The Post office holds them until Jan 1st and then delivers them on New Year's Day. So who got cards? Miss M got 3 from her schoolmates and 1 from the school itself. The rest of us... ZERO!

We spent the day with Yuki's family. Including her super cool grandma and grandma's super cool Rodeo Boy. I bet your grandma doesn't have one! She bought it because she thought it looked fun. Yuki and Ben got a cake for Jesse, which I appreciated since I got him Nothing (except a coupon for an apple pie).

The food was amazing. Beautiful. And I got full on crab claws and sashimi. Can you say you've ever done that? We spent this morning cleaning our house, a New Year's tradition in many parts of the world. What that meant was that I mopped the floor for the first time in months. It was surprisingly clean. How did you you spend the first day of the 2008?


  1. You're making me SOOO jealous. I love those cakes. Why doesn't everyone pile fresh fruit on top of their cakes?
    I did make a traditional Japanese dinner for New Year's Eve: soba, miso w/mochi and carrot flowers, gyudon, tempura gobo and lotus root--- It was fun. Not sure I can say the same for everyone who had to help me.

  2. your floor was so clean because you always take your shoes off, right? That's the way to go! We started doing that and it's helped a lot! I spent New Years playing Uno, Candyland and doing puzzles. It was fun! And hubby even got off work early! But I think we went to bed at 10:00 on new year's eve. Aaron was post call and I wasn't going to stay up by myself!


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