January 2, 2008

Little G is Three

I've taken the year off for birthdays. Last year M had a birthday party with 30+ people. This year I didn't even wrap G's presents. On the day of her birthday she was sick and spent most of the day sleeping on my lap. I think that was a present for me.

But now that she's better she wants to know why daddy got a cake and she didn't. I guess I'll bake her a little cake. It's not every day you turn 3. She woke up in the middle of the night and said "is it still my birthday? I'm still three, right?" And then promptly fell back asleep.

Little G is sunshine in the morning. She adores her older sister. She's not Cute, she's not Pretty, she's not Smart... She's Ginuf (of course she's the other three, but if you ask her, that's what she'll say). I luff you little G.


  1. I LUV Gwyn. She has the best smile in the whole wide world. She can share better than most adults I know. She's ALWAYS happy to see you and makes you feel special (incredible quality for a little one). She's very very very nice to Enzo. This summer I got to spend lots of good time with her and it was a joy having her around, she was an incredible baby-sitter, she would help me pick things up around the house, and she was always up for a dancing party. This girl ROCKS!

  2. Happy Birthday Gwyn and Jesse! Your daughter is getting so big! how time flies when they are not your own :)
    Hope you guys had a great Christmas!


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