January 21, 2008

Setagaya Antique Fair

The RS went last week on a little excursion to the antiques fair. I didn't find any antiques, but I did find these:

A new apron for me. I think it's an apron dress, but not for me. I'm thinking of how I can alter the back . Now it's a full panel, but I think I'll make ties. It will have to wait some months for my sewing machine, though.
This is to tie around a kimono, but I just liked the fabric. I'll make a runner for a bookcase or small table.
And this is a kimono. I bought it for the fabric. I'm thinking of collecting a couple of kimonos to make a quilt with.

1 comment:

  1. darling! I am so jealous of the apron! I really love aprons because when I cook or clean I inevitably make a mess of my clothes. And I love having pockets in my aprons for stashing the random things that I want within hands reach (oven timer, scissors, kleenex, etc.)


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