January 22, 2008


A mountain close to us, part of the quasi-national forest we hiked on Saturday. I love quasi-hiking with the family.

There were several temples on the mountain. G had to ring each bell on each of the 10+ shrines by wildly swinging the rope.

There was just a dusting of snow at the higher elevations. But it doesn't take much for the snow starved J and kids to make a snowman. It was mostly M's project, hence the proud look on her face.

So this hike was one of those death march/character building experiences for all. The kids whined, we didn't pack enough snacks, forgot to get hiking treats, crowded trails. But a few days distance with just pictures to remember it by and I'm almost ready to go again. It's great getting out of the city.


  1. Love that bonsai-sized snowman.

  2. man, I forgot about Jesse's knee brace.

    I love how little kids look in their cold weather gear


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