January 15, 2008

Temper, temper

Ok, I can't believe I'm publishing the fact that I check out Dr. Phil online to my family and friends. Jesse says that now you'll know I'm white trash. Um. I'm from Roseburg. If you didn't know, you do now.

But I had to post a link to this article about stopping temper tantrums. Because it works! Quick overview: Toddler=caveman. Use short phrases. Use tons of repetition. Use a lot of emotion/enthusiasm. Exaggerate your expressions.

I find this method hardest in the morning. "You want frosted flakes! You WANT frosted flakes! YOU WANT FROSTED FLAKES!" It takes A LOT of energy to pull it off in the morning. But the rest of the day, it's kind of fun. I feel less stressed out by their tantrums because 1. I'm letting them know I hear them and 2. I feel that as I verbalize for them, I'm giving them ownership of their feelings and I'm not responsible for that. I've noticed the tantrums have gone down in frequency and duration in the past few weeks.

I'm still not sure about what to do when G says "Yeah. You hear me. So give me what I want!" But she can't have it. Suggestions?


  1. Good advice. Definitely going to have to try it. So, I've noticed that even though my kids are getting older and their tantrums are numbering fewer, the tantrums that they do throw make up for the lack in number. Older kid = sronger muscles, longer tantrums and no longer able to be distracted.

    The other option besides Dr. Phil would be a lifetime supply of benadryl. This one sounds especially good to me because there is no effort on the part of the parents:)

  2. I love your blog, Bekah. Really. I can't wait to try out caveman speech on Amaya who seems to be filled with tantrums lately. I wonder if she'll get it.
    Maybe G should put a picture of frosted flakes in her book and say that when she can't have frosted flakes, she can look at it and remember them. They'll be in Hawaii, waiting for her.

  3. I tried that for like a day with enzo and I couldn't do it. Oh I met someone else from Roseburg, John Teeple. Probably a little bit older, like Pete's age though.


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