January 23, 2008

Watch Jesse Dive

I used to be super embarrassed how Jesse dumpster dives. It's in his blood. His Dad broke (or bruised, I'm not sure which) a rib dumpster diving. J's really proud of that fact. He's even taught M to look at the side of dumpsters for treasures. She'll tell you that's where she found her suitcase. He's found futons and blankets, pots and pans, dishes, even a Spider Man figurine (saving us at least $250). To say nothing of the stuff he found in California. I wouldn't even know where to start. Maybe with the wood he built our desk with, or the boxes we packed our things in, or the cool brown shirt that Brooke's brother is now wearing.

I decided that I would be much more embarrassed if we were dodging bill collectors, chronically borrowing money from relatives, or thousands of dollars in credit card debt. I will however, leave him to dive on his own. Especially in Japan. But I will eagerly await a look at his treasures when he comes home!


  1. oh yeah. that shirt was a dumpster find? beautiful. it really is.

  2. I have to say that the Park West dumpsters were a jackpot. We found a brand new target floor rug there that we still have, tons of clothes and other treasures. I am total advocate for dumpster diving.

  3. See. I come by it honestly. It's genetic. Tell that to my friends that make fun of me. I can see the dumpster from my kitchen window so basically I get everything while it's fresh. Also, people here are so nice and leave the really good stuff outside of the dumpster. I only have to carry everything about ten steps to my house. I usually run. Everything in my house is from the dumpster/swap shop. I miss you guys.

  4. Chris takes Enzo on a pretty daily freebin run. Enzo has figured out out to climp inside the freebin. Chris was so proud he took me along just to watch. Enzo sorts through things and comes home with random things. I decided that if I ever open up a shop (I never will but whatever) I'll name it 800 loop in honor of the 800 loop laundry freebin. Ours is the 400 loop but not nearly as good. At the 800 I've gotten clothes, new jumbo lego set, a kiddie vacuum cleaner that looks and sounds real, kitchen stuff, books, etc. I'm convinced that freebin/dumpster diving is way more fun than shopping. With shopping you have expectations and you usually know what you'll get. With dumpster diving you have no expectations (unless a rich family is moving out, tell you about that later) and it's always fun to see what you find. The free part also enhances the experience.


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