February 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom

tutu kay, G just typed that. I love you. I like to see her. Last time we went to the zoo with her and we saw one hippo yawning. Her give us treat afterwards. I love you tutu Kay. I miss you so much. (from G)

Mom, you are so kind to everyone. Thanks for being a great mom and a great friend. We can't wait to see you later this year. We love you.


  1. Thank you. I love you G and all the other Palmers.

    The picture of Jesse dumpster diving reminded me of the year you and Ben dove at Fishers Flowers the day after Valentine's and brought me enough flowers that the house looked like a funeral. Then I took the excess to work and they all had a good laugh when they found out where they came from

  2. happy birthday kay! bekah's right, you are so kind to everyone. we're so happy to know you and your family. hope your day is wonderful. melinda, eph, etc.

  3. Happy Birthday Kay. I couldn't ask for a better mother in law. I always joke that since you worked as a social worker, you have low expectations. The only downside is that I have no mean mother in law stories to tell. Thanks for doing such a good job raising Bekah. I'm sorry that I've missed out on that last trip to Oregon, and maybe this next one as well. We'll have to figure something out. Oregon is on our list for possible jobs, so we'll see. Have a happy birthday. Love, Jesse


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