February 16, 2008

Scissors, Hairbrushes, Cutlery, etc...

Do you see the common thread? If you were one of my children, it would be obvious. In our home, they all come in families. The Brush family is made of Papa Brush (paddle brush), Mama Brush (small paddle brush), Sister Brush (bristle brush), and Brother Brush (actually a pink comb). They interact, play, fight, and are often put to bed under a scrap of cloth. The Scissor family is similar, though they have twins (matched pair of black handled scissors).

It's sweet but bizarre to see these family groups emerge in the children's play. It's especially apparent in 3 year old G's play. I'm sure if I read up on the psychology of 3 year olds, families and their place in families is very important in their development. It's just so weird to see it vividly displayed on such a regular basis.

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  1. I think you're right about it being part of 3 yr development. Ella did the same thing for a while just a few months back. Everything was a four member family. Like markers, pencils, balls, books, food, even her poo. "Come look Mama. I pushed out you and me!" She doesn't categorize things into families too much these days but did mention last night that when she's older than Melinda, she'll marry me. After explaining to her that daughters don't marry their fathers, she said she'd get a boyfriend, fall in love, and then get married.


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