March 14, 2008

Surprise! It's White Day!

What's that you say? You forgot White Day? How could you? The shame of it. No, it's not a neo-nazi holiday. Think refined sugar.

When M asked me about the day, I said "you know, like sugar. It's white."
M-"Sugar's not white."
Me-"Sometimes it is. When it's not brown."

I guess the confection industry decided they needed a holiday to get the non sugar addicted Japanese to buy more of their products. Voila. White Day. M was stoked at school.
As she told Jesse, "People kept on giving me treats. More and more treats, and I couldn't even hold them all. It was the best day ever. I don't know why they were giving me treats."

And those, my friends, are the best holidays ever. The unbirthday, Dia das Castanhas (Chestnut Day when grumpy Portuguese become kind and generous and are just dying to give you roasted chestnuts), Kuhio Day (no school in Hawaii), White Day. When you don't know why people are giving you treats, they just do.

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  1. Whoa that is awesome! I'm so glad Miriam had the best day ever at school. I hope the good feelings linger. Come home so we can sleep at your house and go to Disneyland with you in the morning.


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