April 22, 2008

Seven Years

Highlights of our anniversary:
1 grown up fight where no children were present, voices were not raised, but sensitive issues were addressed.
2 flower arrangements courtesy of M and Jesse.
Dinner at Korean restaurant after consulting with friends 3 times.
4 100 yen milkshakes at McDonald's for dessert.
Brunch and book group with 5 of my friends.
6 times we threatened to go home if there was any misbehavior during dinner (at least 6).
7 days until we find out if we grow to 5 (or possibly 6) this year (just a clarification, there's no news...yet).

I'm a lucky person. We are hoping for 70 more years together (at least). Thanks J, for a wonderful day.


  1. Bekah! No way. That sounds so great!

  2. Brooke, We're excited by the possibility, and as M said, "you have to get pregnant. I've been praying for it."

  3. Congratulations! 7 years, two linda daughters, 3 different countries of residency, Jessse almost done with his PhD... I can only imagine how many things you'll acomplish together in 70 years (at least) :)!

  4. btw, i'm loving your flowers. Good picture!

  5. happy ani. sounds fun. i definitely remember your wedding day. i really enjoyed it, even though i might have been a brat leading up to it. you do have a lot of good things to show for the time you've been together. we miss you guys.


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