April 19, 2008

Who's your mama?

It's not unusual for children to have an imaginary playmate. My neighbor in Denver had one that lived in the basement. It freaked me out at the time. Looking back, she was an only child in the middle of Denver, who wouldn't want an imaginary friend there?

Here in Tokyo, it's a little different. G has a Japanese mom. She sounds pretty awesome. Tonight she told G that she could run around in her birthday suit and not brush her teeth. We've been told that when she brushes G's hair, it doesn't hurt. She lives far away, but she comes around pretty often from what I can tell. She sounds pretty great and if she is anything like the Japanese moms around here, she looks great, too.


  1. I'm not sure I'm looking forward to that bit of development. Ever since Drop Dead Fred I've been pretty freaked out by imaginary friends. And if it's a mom, then I would be watching my back. :)

  2. when I was little I had an imaginary imaginary playmate named abinidai. I didn't really "play" with her (it was a she), but I told Austin that I did to make him jealous.

  3. It's not really an imaginary friends in the sense that gwyn never interacts with her Japanese mom at all. It's more of a theoretical construct. An alternative mom. If my mom were Japanese, like maybe my nursery teacher, or something, then she would do everything the way I want to.


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