May 18, 2008

1st Tooth

After just 3 days of being loose, Mim lost her first tooth. It popped out on the way to church; I conveniently had a little ziploc in my church bag. She's thrilled as can be. I've heard the tooth fairy around here gives 100 yen per tooth.

I'm a little stunned that it's finally happening. I'm amazed at how old she's getting and therefore how old I'm getting.

I'm pretty excited about my first try at fairying tonight.


  1. What a fantastic picture of M! How did the tooth fairy enjoy her first visit to your home?

  2. oops...that wasn't's Lenna

  3. The tooth fairy had a blast, and Mim had a great time figuring out how she wrote a note for her, since it must have been hard to hold the pen. Then Jesse suggested that the tooth fairy might have enlarged her original note with special fairy magic. Mim thought that was the most reasonable explanation.

  4. She is so big. When I said, "Miriam lost a tooth." Gio said, "Ooooh Noooo." He is very concerned.


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