May 19, 2008

Zoo part Two

On Saturday, FUN MOM made another appearance and took the kids to the zoo. By herself. Now that's fun. Jesse had yet another campout with the scouts (an organization I'm sure to appreciate more if/when I have boys).

We were saddened to find out that LingLing, Japan's own panda has gone to the bamboo forest in the sky. The kids ran around the zoo stopping at store kiosks with stuffed panda bears saying "they have these because the real panda bear is DEAD!" I'm glad we went earlier and got to sniff Ling Ling poo, and take a gander at the animal. I did want to hear the docents say "Ling Ling" over and over. That was fun.

We went on some rides this time, got shave ice, saw the rhino pacing in front of us (scary), and went to the petting zoo. After the petting zoo the kids fanatically washed their hands. An eerily proud moment for me. I just loved how grossed out they were by animal secretions on their hands.

We didn't ride the monorail (FUN MOM is Cheap and doesn't like waiting in lines). But we did get the photo op and stamps which is as or more important than the actual ride. The monorail connects the two parts of the zoo and is designed to hang from a rail. "That's Amazing" was Gigi's reaction to seeing it go by. Sesame Street's word of the day is working it's vocabulary magic on our household.

FUN MOM was so tired when we got back. The kids played with the neighbors. I made cheese omelets for dinner (we had eggs in a nest the night before). And then Magic Daddy appeared at 6:30. Whew. More fun to come on Friday when FUN MOM and MAGIC DADDY join forces to take the kids to SUMO.


  1. fun mom does sound fun. we still want to come visit you guys. we were fantasizing about it last night. making it part of a trip around the world now that we have flight priveleges from tony's dad and nothing else better to do.

  2. Fun Mom needs to come over to our house and get us going on the Fun boat. Gio loves seeing pictures of the girls.

  3. come, come, come! That would be FUN!


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