May 23, 2008


I'm not sure why it's so magical. But I love sumo. We got up early and made it to Ryogoku by 8:30. The early bouts are younger unranked wrestlers, so no one is there (except a mom or two). We sat on the floor near the ring (the kids were too crazy for that, so we had to move). But I was able to get this shot. It's fun to see the wrestlers close up. We took a break and went to the Edo Tokyo Museum which is next door. Had a great lunch with a great view on the seventh floor. We made it back to see the Juryo wrestlers enter. As the day went on the matches got better and better. The absolute best part was watching Asashoryu and Hakuho, the two Yokuzuna get defeated. They were both injured, and after being thrown out of the ring, I think they might have hurt a little more. After Kotooshu defeated Hakuho, the zabuton were flying all over the arena. People in the front rows took their zabuton and covered their heads with them.

Sad that this is our last time to go to sumo. There is an exhibition tournament in LA. I might just have to go when we get back.


  1. I really liked the part in freakanomics about sumo. You guys have so much fun! I am not good at planning "outings." Amaya has gone to the zoo without me 4 times, and to Sealife park as well. What a terrible mom am I to dish my kid's cultural experiences off on the babysitter.

  2. I liked that part too. There are matches where it appears thrown, but you never know.

    We've been dragging our kids where we wanted to go since they were born. Remember how Miriam hiked through leach infested forest at 6 months? It wasn't her idea.

    Also, both my kids are quite a bit older than Amaya, so we don't have naps or nappies to deal with anymore. Just cranky over tired kids at the end of the day.

  3. Whenever I see sumo wrestlers I think of the video that Mr. Woolsey showed us. It showed the sumos going to McDonalds for lunch and eating like 10 Big Macs in one sitting. Pretty amazing!


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