June 8, 2008


Yesterday in Tokyo was Saturday. After cleaning the house, we went on another adventure. First, we checked out the Crafts Gallery, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. The building was pretty, the gallery was small, it was the perfect size for our tired grumpy children. The museum is adjacent to the Kitonamaru Park which is adjacent to the Imperial Palace. The park was amazing, with a fun little forest, tiny stream, and get this: GRASS!! We sat on grass. Because the park is really in the center of the city and it was Saturday, it wasn't very crowded. (Check out the awesome picture on the left where G is trying to get M out of the frame. Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters.)
Then we walked to Jimbocho, land of books. Mostly in Japanese. Jesse browsed. Mims oohed and aaahed over the free wedding magazine I snagged (for her). I chased after G. It was nice for pictures.

And, Jimbocho is on the Mita line which is also our line, so I didn't have to change trains (this is always a bonus).

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