June 7, 2008

Too funny

Last night Jesse had a young men's activity (steak and cake, why does the vegetarian have a steak party???) So I got Down With Love at the video store (all 180 yen for 7 days). Watched it by myself and thought it was pretty funny.

Jesse came home and we got in bed pretty late. All that steak made him sick. We're in bed and I hear something. Is it the neighbor? Is someone in our living room? I go and check the living room and see something, turn on the light, and there's Mim with her pants pulled down sitting on one of the dining room chairs in a puddle. The best part is that she's pulling the houseplants out of the containers, thinking it's toilet paper. I'm so glad she was asleep because I was laughing SO hard!! "Stop laughing and help her!" was Jesse's input. It was a total mess. There was potting soil and pee and uprooted plants on the ground.

Jesse won't let me tell her yet, and I don't think she'll ever think it's funny. So that's why I'm telling all of you!

1 comment:

  1. Hopefully your blog will be archived so that she will be able to see this story someday, because it is very hilarious. I think my dad told me something similar to this about me when I was young.


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