August 15, 2008

Car Owners with Jam

Thanks to all that were concerned about us and our search for the car. We found it. It's the same car we had before, now in the station wagon version and in an appealing turquiose color. It was dirt cheap. So cheap that I'm thinking of getting a new radio with an mp3 hook up for it. Needs a tune up and oil change. But we have our trusty mechanic here in Roseburg to check it out before we take it on the road. And we got towing included on the insurance, so we're good to go. Just have to make sure we have the cell phone with us.

So now I can worry about more important things. Like Jam. Marionberry, blueberry, cherry, grape. Which do I make? Luckily, I don't think this decision will keep me up at night.

Tell me which one you'd like, and if I'm going to see you in the next two weeks (Sacramento and Irvine), I'll hand deliver a jar to you.


  1. Mmmmm, marionberry please! I'll trade you...I made strawberry and raspberry a few weeks ago...

  2. I have nothing to trade. The cake is purely celebratory. Whichever one you make the most of...I've never had Marionberry :) When do you get here? Need help with the move?

  3. congrats. I'm so glad you found a car you are happy with. I think you should pimp it out with a new radio for sure!

    if you decide that you love your car so much that you just want to drive it as much as possible than come to Santa Cruz. We would love to see you and the babes.

  4. As Harry would enthusiastically say:


  5. I've never tried marionberry ... so that's my vote. When will you guys be here in Sac? I emailed, but I know you've been busy with everything. We'd love to see you guys. We'll even feed you :)!

  6. I am excited you are coming to see us! We love all jam. Mimi and I have made bread twice lately. I think they would go well together...
    b, b and j.

  7. I'll trade you a jar of golden plum jam for whatever you have.
    what do you say?

    question, have you ever made fig jam? is it good? I found a fig tree that is overflowing and I want to use as much of the figs as i possibly can before I leave.

  8. We stopped in Roseburg for lunch last Sunday. Good luck with the drive! We're excited to see you all!


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