August 13, 2008

Hello America

My first impression of America. Grass. Lots of green Grass. It's really pretty. Second impression upon receiving change for my meal at Ikea. Your money is GROSS! Dirty, yucky, icky. I didn't want to touch it. I'm still grossed out by it. Luckily, I can't remember my atm number, so I can't get any more of it until Jesse comes to America. What a relief.

It's also nice to go from GARGANTUAN GAIJIN to average sized american.

And now that I'm back in America, I need a car. And I'm having a doozy of a time finding one. I'm actually sick to my stomach about finding a car. Here are our options:
A- spend all of our money or go into debt for a good reliable car.
B- spend some of our money and get a decent, probably will need work car.
C- spend a little bit of our money and hope it lasts for two years, make sure to have towing covered.

Fun, huh? Can you imagine us buying a house?


  1. Are you back in Verano or are you staying elsewhere now?

  2. We're in Oregon now and will be back home in a week and a half (if I can get a car to get me down)

  3. Yeah! Welcome home! We're still trying to find me a car. Sigh. Can't wait to see you and your cute new haircut!

  4. All I have to say is Hondas are awesome and reliable. Can't wait to see you soon.

  5. Bekah: I hope you can find the right car. (There is probably not just one right car.) I was thinking of the gently used cars that the missionaries drive. The church sells them at a decent price, but more than the range that Jesse mentioned. Anyway let me know if i can help in some way in Sacramento.


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