August 5, 2008


This is my last post from Japan. I'm so sad. Especially since Jesse is not coming to the states for another 3 weeks. We do this to ourselves often enough you'd think we'd learn that we really hate being separated. And to make matters worse, he was really funny and sweet today. aaargh! It would be so much easier if he were a jerk.

I would probably be even sadder if Japan hadn't been giving me hints that it's time to go. On Sunday, we walked to a traditional Japanese garden park that's close to our house. It seemed like a good idea, to do something Japanese-y our last Sunday. Wrong. Koi pond = mosquito heaven. We left after 10 minutes. Then on our way home a crow pooped on Jesse's and my head. Thanks Mr. Crow. I hope you liked the rock Jesse threw at you.

On Monday, we took the kids to the pool and Monkey promised "to try not to poop in it this time." She didn't, because we weren't there long enough. The lifeguards kicked us out after 30 minutes because of distant thunder. Abunai desu yo! No problem. We were planning on going to sushi, so we'd just get there a little earlier.

Got to the sushi place and it was pretty good. Accidentally got fried oysters for the kids. I thought it was fried chicken. Ooops. And we were sitting right in front of the chef, so we couldn't slip it back on the conveyor belt (we wouldn't really do that). I ate them, because that's what a good mom does. And that could have been my mistake. Because later that night as Jesse and I are perusing Craigslist, trying to find a car, I shove him out my way and run to the toilet. The last time I heaved so suddenly I was pregnant with Mermaid, so I said half jokingly "gee Jesse, maybe I'm pregnant." To which he responded, "Or maybe it's just all that raw fish you ate for dinner." Right. Forgot about that for a second.

And today, the Coop guy came to collect.

I'm still sad that we're leaving. Even though Japan hasn't been that good to me this week. We'll come back. Try again. Relationships take work, and sometimes a little space is good.
Ja Mata!

image from flickr


  1. :-( Despite Japan's bad behavior over the past week, I'm sorry you have to leave! It stinks, doesn't it?

    I love your new do by the way! It seems like we both got the summer itch to lighten up!

  2. welcome back to the States! Being away from hubby doesn't sound fun at all. I feel bad that we are all going to invade your house as soon as Jesse gets back. I am really excited to see you guys, though.

    We can babysit when we are there so you and Jesse can go on a date. maybe even a little get away.

  3. Aw, sad to leave yet you're going back to a great place. I wish you could be stopping in Hawaii on your way home! I'm sure you'll be happy to be back and settled in Irvine, though. Good luck without Jesse!

  4. i hope we get to see you. it's been fun following your saga via blogland. are you coming through sacto at any time?


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