September 26, 2008

Everything I need to know I learned in 1st grade

Mermaid's school gives out little tickets for good deeds. At the end of the week, someone from each grade gets their ticket pulled and receives some sort of prize.

"I saw Mrs. R give a girl a ticket for picking up trash, so I decided to pick up trash the next chance I got. So I picked up trash at recess, and I got a ticket too! And then I saw more trash, but I had already gotten my ticket, so I didn't pick it up."

And today I got a call that she had a fever and should come home. I asked her how the teacher knew she was sick and she said "I was groaning a lot and I tried to put my head down." The nurse said she shouldn't come back to school tomorrow, but she's been fit as a fiddle since she got home. But I'd probably die of embarrassment if we had a repeat groaning performance tomorrow. So she's coming to playgroup with G. Whee.


  1. Yessssss!! That's my niece! Tell her next time we'll work on the "I don't feel good" moan.

  2. I'm totally a mean mom ... if I figure out that they've been faking and gotten to come home, I make them stay in bed all day ... no TV, no playing, and I remind them several times that's what we do when we're sick. By dinner time they are usually asking to go to school the next day.

    Hey, I saw you twiner car yesterday (same color, model) and I totally looked to see if it was you :)

  3. on the trash pick up--remember the study that found that a good way to get people to stop doing something is to pay them for doing it and then stop paying them. maybe that's the principle.


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