September 22, 2008

Miraculous Mozart?

The miracle of Mozart is not necessarily that your infant will be a genius. The miracle is that while it's playing in the background, children will eat breakfast, put their shoes on, brush their hair without complaining. And though it seemed impossible since they woke up at 7:30, they are out the door at 7:45 and no one is yelling or crying. And, we get the Mermaid to school before the 5 minute warning at 7:55. How?
Mozart in the morning.
Thank you.
Wir Danken Sie, Herr Mozart.


  1. I totally believe in this. I love the illustration also. Grazie.

  2. Where did you come up with that idea? That is amazing! I am totally going to do that, for myself.

  3. I was up early and Jesse was gone, so I was looking for something to listen to, and we just got speakers for the computer, so it all fell perfectly into place. Honestly, it was a much calmer morning than usual. We'll see if it works more than once.

  4. this sounds way better than my usual routine of of getting up and blasting Samba in the kitchen. It's my white noise against Enzo's usual morning tantrums. Maybe the tantrums wouldn't always happen if we had something mellow. The only problem with mellow is that I'd probably collapse on the floor and fall back asleep.

  5. you could probably package it. have you readjusted to being back? do you feel yet like you never left? how are the classes? how does miriam like school? does she do her math in japanese?

  6. I was so sad when KMZT (KMozart) left the FM dial. It's what we woke up to every morning and created peace in the car on the way to school. Sigh.

  7. That is such a good idea! Squirrel responds so much to music, I don't know why I didn't think of doing it. I'm going to try it!


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