September 2, 2008

This Week Without Pictures

This past week has been EVENTFUL!!!

We drove in.
Got Mermaid registered for school.
Got me registered for school (though I may have to drop if I don't get residency).
Got the car halfway registered (still need a smog check).
Picked up Jesse from the airport.
Went to the first and only day of class (it's online. And I started getting nervous. Can I do this? There's a paper. Wait. Aren't I an English teacher? I've already graduated from college.) Went to the Jack Johnson concert in the GINORMOUS Verizon Ampitheater (where were you Jamie?? Oh. You were that teeny tiny speck in the front!) Got the first whiff of second hand smoke/toke in a LONG time (when was that Reel Big Fish concert?? 96?)
Had in-laws and cousin party ("hey Bekah. Where does this knife go?" I dunno. "Do you have scissors?" I dunno. By Sunday they realized I really had no idea where anything went, or if I actually owned said thing.)
Had a welcome home party with friends and family. SO FUN!! SO MUCH WORK!
4 weeks ago... Bekah: "I don't know if having a party two days after you fly in and with your brother and sister and their families at our house is a great idea."
Jesse: "Oh. It'll be fine."
It was FUN. But when you have no idea where anything is, it's a bit of a challenge.
Just got 17/20 on my first quiz (not that great considering it was open book, but I just have to get 14 to get full credit).

Monkey: "I don't want you to call me Monkey anymore. I'm Dragon!"

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