October 29, 2008

Get a Job

Or don't. J's on the market. For a job. Tonight we went over his timeline of when to turn in various applications. Then I mentioned that I did have other things to do, like my homework. He gets a little caught up in this job mania (he calls it providing for the future of our family. I thought that was why I was going back to school.)

As excited I am of the prospect of possibly getting a job (trust me, all your good wishes mean nothing in these horrible economic times) I've really come to adore grad student life. Ok. I really want a bigger house and something besides industrial carpeting. But leaving our life here is almost unbearable. Especially if we're moving to middle of the country, not close to any family, gun totin', red leanin', (but cheap housin') America. Oh. I forgot. That's where I grew up (did have family close by. Was that 22 in the closet loaded, Grandpa?) Jesse's excited about living somewhere new. I'm afraid I might be moving back to the 'burg, except it's in Ohio. Might be fun living in a swing state. ok. google professor, images and it comes up with this. Am I the only one who had one of these growing up?


  1. Hopefully he'll get a job in Hawaii and then it'll be all good.

    You'll be a graduate student soon and get to do it all over again. Except with a bit more money. I'm just bitter that they won't pay us till November...a couple days to go before we can eat again. Just kidding (sort of)

    we are living in santa Cruz forever. I decided. Christian needs to get a job in the department he got his PhD which happens all the time and I need to get a job at the NPR station here since they hire all the time.
    Luckily we have a few more years ahead of us before my dream is crushed or it actually happens.

    If Jesse doesn't get a job maybe you can apply to UCI and stay in Verano place living next to all your friends and neighbors.

  2. we're crossing our fingers he finds a job, and soon, I've heard many tales from my parents about when my Dad was post Ph. D. looking for a job and having to fill the void selling shoes and being a headmaster

    luckily times have changed


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