October 26, 2008

Tour Newport Bay

I promised pictures. So here they are! On Friday, we did a tour of Balboa Island, Lido Island, and parts of Balboa peninsula. The kids were bored about 20 minutes into it, but they were stuck in a boat with nowhere to go. Mermaid resigned herself to her fate and Monkey took a nap. It seems fitting that we saw a loose seal (probably a sea lion) but in this area, they're all lucilles. I would hate to have that thing poo on my pretty boat. We stopped at the Lido playground. I haven't seen a merry go round in years. And there's a reason why. They are so dangerous. Nobody got hurt this trip, but I remember kids breaking their arms on them when I was little.

If you're dying to know about our boat, it's a 20 year old Klepper. The wood frame comes apart in pieces and the skin comes off of that. It stores in two large bags in our closet, which is how we fit a kayak into our house. They run a pretty penny $3000 new, but 20 years will depreciate even these lovely boats. We are looking forward to some longer trips; Catalina, Big Sur, a lake would be nice.
Thanks to Adam for the waterproof housing for our camera.


  1. Did they go swimming? Isn't the water freezing?

    I'm laughin because about half of playgrounds we go to here still have merry-go-rounds. Old school? I think so!

  2. The bay is not too chilly, but oh so sketchy in my estimation. It takes a good 20 minutes to put the boat together, which is too long for the kids to stay out of the water. I try to keep them out and Jesse can't figure out why until an hour later we have hypothermic children on our hands.

  3. Looks like a fun trip. Hopefully you guys will get some good mileage out of the kayak.

  4. fun pics. i am glad it fits the whole family.


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