October 31, 2008

I always have treats in my trunk

Trunk or Treat was a howling success no thanks to my black mood. I hate it when I do this. I put tons of energy and work super hard and then resent it and don't enjoy myself. It helped that I dressed up as a witch.

My mom made the fabulous fairy dresses with detachable skirts. Brilliant! The girls and I carved their pumpkins earlier that day. Not incredibly scary or spooky. You can see heart eyes, noses, and mouths if you look closely. As Jesse noted, most holidays end up looking like Valentine's Day around our house.

I made some chili for the cook off. It needed more beans, but I'm a novice at this. Our ward doesn't give out prizes like the Westchester 1st (very cool aprons). See Sara's post for all the pretty pics of their trunk or treat. How come we can't have designers on our activities committee?


  1. I for one look forward to Halloween and the adorable pictures of the kids in their costumes. Thank you, dear Bekah, for coming through again. Very lovely pink and lavender fairies, I must say. Happy Halloween!

  2. Good job, Kay. (She certainly shows me up on the grandmothering.) Glad to see the princesses are thriving, and I like the valentine eyes.


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