November 4, 2008

Civics for kids

Tonight at dinner we discussed the upcoming elections. We've been trying to impress upon the kids the importance of voting. And that this election is special since there's a good possibility that the first African American will be voted into the presidency.

Mermaid said, "I'd vote you Daddy."
Monkey said, "I'd vote for Heavenly Father." And then added, "I think Daddy would win. He runs fast." (run for office. get it?)
And Mermaid has been noticing all the election signs around school, so she made her own.
"Vote for princess."


  1. Jesse would be a good president. I like his views on foreign policy and the environment. Plus he's good at saving money so he might have some tips for the economy.

    I'm all for Mims becoming president one day. How cool would it be to be the aunt of the most powerful person on the planet?!

  2. What the crap?!?! You just won a giveaway on Design Mom. The fates are against me. By the way, I love the "Vote for Princess" poster.


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