October 3, 2008

Read Mermaid, read!

Mermaid just finished The World of Dick and Jane. I've never read them before, but Mermaid LOVED them! They are super easy and about as sweet and innocent as the Mermaid herself.

Reading has been challenging to teach her because it has always been so easy for me. My earliest memories are of stories I read. It was never a struggle. So finding stories, even if they're simple and silly, that she loves is amazing. Her reading confidence improves every day. I love watching this girl becoming a reader.

1 comment:

  1. I love how your LOVED is huge and bold. It's one of those things you'll have to show Mims when she's in the self loathing teenage phase and tires to convince you that no one ever likes her. You can show her this post and remind her that she has always been very LOVED and celebrated.


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