November 20, 2008

I heart you Muji

I'm having muji withdrawals. I ran out of my 600 yen face scrub and have spent three times as much trying to find an american replacement. It's time for a new calendar. I like the ones sans kittens. I need some new tops, not tshirts. The kids need leggings for winter. And those groovy short tights. Ok, so I actually go to akachan honpo for those, but still. I might make a trip to NYC, just to go to soho and their muji. I might have to make a Mitsuwa run soon, and see what they've got there.

1 comment:

  1. Don't you have an H&M close to you? That is the best place for tops on the planet, 2nd to Muji of course.
    I only buy clearsil creamy face wash. It's cheap, and it works. I also recommend on-line for good skin stuff. And you can always find online coupon codes for that too.
    I have no idea why they don't have a muji in Hawaii! I'm wearing my muji shoes today. I love them.


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