November 23, 2008

Kayaking Laguna

Friday afternoon we decided to go on another kayak expedition. There was no swell, so it was perfect for a beach launch. We put in at Heisler's Park in Laguna Beach and paddled north to Cameo Cove. The only way to the beach there is by water since Emerald Bay and Cameo Cove are gated communities. We had walked on the rocks to Emerald Bay several years ago, but never past it. The water was incredibly clear. Some divers we met said that visibility was 20-25 feet. Practically unheard of in these parts. We could often see the bottom and even Mermaid saw some orange tang. Super cool. Probably the best part was Seal Rock. It's visible from the beach we always go to, but too far to swim to. It's iced in bird poo and the smell is pretty atrocious when you get near. Look what we saw when we got a little closer. Lots of babies. The big papa was keeping lookout(totally blurry, but there's a bunch of seals on the rock). The lingering smoke provided a stunning sunset. Jesse is drying out the pieces to store until after the new year. We're traveling a lot the next month or so (or more). The kids may complain, I might be hesitant at times, and Jesse may wish he had gotten a single, but I think we've all really enjoyed our family kayak.

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