January 12, 2009

Recovering Dining Room Chairs

So it's not the hardest thing ever, but not the easiest either. We drove these down from the Santa Cruz flea market where I got them for $15. J was not excited but was an incredibly good sport about not complaining. Does he know how much I appreciate him letting me get my own way? They were covered in a pukey green that of course Mermaid loved and couldn't believe I wanted to cover. I had this great fabric that I got from a garage sale. This woman decorated yachts and had all these remnants that were of no use to her. I bought yards and yards of various fabrics for about $20. I had just enough of this blue stripey stuff for two chairs. Perfect.

I also finally recovered some pillows that my kids got from a couch that someone put by the dumpster. The pillows were so comfy, but a wacky cheetah print. I used some incredibly expensive and soft fabric from this same garage sale and have been stroking these pillows every chance I get. I could only cover one, but made a new pillow with what was left and refilled it with the second pillows stuffing.

So total cost for this little makeover- less than $20.

Next project: Paint the stools and legs of the table to match.


  1. I LOVED the green. I had no idea it was puckey. Miriam and I have so much in common.


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