January 12, 2009


We're back on a budget and one thing that came up was an allowance for Mermaid. She is turning 7 soon, and really it's time for her to understand money a little better. We decided to give her a monthly allowance of $5. She gets it in a big chunk because it's a) easier to pay tithing once a month, b) easier to save, and c) she can buy more stuff. We've also agreed to match any money she decides to save. You should have heard her trying to explain it to Monkey. "Whatever dollars you save, mom gives you the same amount and then when you're old, like 16, you can buy big things." Hm. I was thinking more like college or mission fund. And I think she thought we were going to make a physical trip to the bank. She was slightly disappointed when I got on the computer, but pretty excited to see me put $10 more dollars into her account (She opened up her piggy bank and had quite a stash in there).

1 comment:

  1. I like the matching funds idea. I wish someone would do that to our little bank account.


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