January 7, 2009

Sandwich bags

I finally made some sandwich bags. We took them to the park filled with cheezits, so the bags are already greasy. Oh well. They're meant to be used. I'll make some snack size ones soon. I'm excited to have another reusable bag for school, park days, and random snacking. Less plastic= good. And it's fun to see my kawaii fabric in use, not just in a drawer.
I lined it with yellow quilting fabric and used velcro to fasten it. Which turtle is your favorite?


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Super kawaii!!!

  2. park, cheezeits, and cute bag? Lucky Gwyn!

    we have reuseable snack and sandwich bags that I got from an etsy shop. They'll all made from this mesh material which I love because it doesn't make things greasy. You should try mesh. However, it's not nearly as cute as your turtle bag.

  3. Jesse suggested the mesh. I'm just addicted to cute, though.


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