January 6, 2009

Wheat Bread. Yum

Here's my first money saving technique. One Jesse taught me years before. Looks like this picture was taken after we broke up. Man, we were hot. I'm sure the bread was good, too.

Wheat Bread
2 cups warm water
2 tsp yeast
1/4 cup honey
proof yeast
2 cups wheat flour
let sit for 10 mins or so.
2 tsps salt
1/4 cup oil
white flour 1 cup at a time, mixing in between.
add flour until you reach a workable consistency, but still a bit sticky.
you can also add powdered milk and an egg if you're feeling fancy.
let rise until doubled
punch down.
form into 2 loaves
let rise until doubled.
bake at 375


  1. i really want to make bread and this is stupid...but what is proof yeast? Don't make fun of me.

  2. I had to tell Jesse what it meant just last week. Proofing yeast just means making sure it's alive. It bubbles and grows, especially if there is something for it to eat, like sugar. It's especially good to proof your yeast if it has been in the house for who knows how long, or came from the food pantry or a friend, etc. Jesse believes it's a waste of time, but kids love it and if your not sure about the quality of your yeast, then you don't waste a whole bunch of flour, etc.

  3. nice, thanks bekah. i'm glad to hear your money saving techniques. i'll try to learn that recipe, since i don't really like wheat bread, and i SHOULD. i really really like that picture! you were SO hot.

  4. that picture is classic. You guys look like you're about to jump on each others throat. Did you just find it post flood?

  5. Love those expressions. Gotta love that hair.
    Why does it look like it was taken in the 80's, Jesse?
    Gotta love Palmah bread.

  6. Melinda-the heaps of honey make this bread quite tasty. I forgot to say that i sometimes add a cup of oats for even more fiber fun.
    Da-yeah. thanks to the flood, we found this photo. I'm pretty sure this was taken after the pct, but I'm not sure.
    Mighty- Jesse was pretty young in the 80's but he did manage to have some spiffy shirts like this one.

  7. can't believe how bright my apron was. now it's faded--like my hair. love the picture. glad you guys ended up together anyway.

  8. That is such an awesome picture! Who was the fortunate person behind the camera lens? What's the origin of this bread recipe?

  9. Mrs. Fuji-I'm guessing it was my mother in law. She recorded everything for quite awhile. The recipe is a twist on roll dough and a lot of trial and error. I use home ground wheat, so sometimes it's not super fine. Letting it sit
    first before adding more flour helps keep from adding too much and making a dry loaf. I use my kitchen aid, btw.

  10. Thanks for the recipe. It is pretty close to what I do but I like the last little tip about waiting to add more flour. I think that will help me. Also, I need to start using my kitchen aid more. I learned how to do everything by hand and am so used to it.

  11. I had no idea what proofing yeast was either.


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