January 9, 2009


My goal for 2009 is to Simplify. Not easy as school has already started, J has at least two trips planned next month, and we also have goals we want to accomplish.

So...here's what I've done so far:
-Discontinued dance class for the mermaid. She didn't like the teacher, it was expensive, and one more place to drive.
-Attend monkey's music class every other week and the library on alternating weeks. Voila! One more free morning.
-Added another mom to joy school. That's one more mom in rotation and one less time I have to teach.
-Got Mermaid a bus pass so I don't have to pick her up every day. Now we just have to walk 5 minutes to meet her instead of wasting 30 minutes and driving. Yay!!
-Started exercising again after an 18 month hiatus. I now have more energy and also sleep like a log at night. Joy!

So what word will describe 2009 for you?


  1. Good job. I've loved your posts. Love seeing the kids in various states of enjoying life. One of my resolutions is to comment (since I can't seem to post.) Another goal is to figure out some way of picture taking and posting. Glad you have a sense of humor about the family population explosion. kWhen you get pregnant it will be twins (I hope). P.S. Thanks for leaving all that fabulous dark chocolate, chocolate covered raisins, etc. Very sweet.

  2. That is EXACTLY what my own resolution is. I did not copy you, promise. I've been thinking it since day one. I did already go through all of my clothes to give away stuff. The books were next, but didn't get to that yet. I think it's such a good idea to find more time during the day.

  3. My word for 2009 is Live. I feel like I need to better appreciate living life and not let precious moments, no matter how insignificant, slip past unnoticed.

  4. I think my word for 2009 is family. I want to be a better mom. Feed my kids a little better. Less sugar. etc. Also, I want to work on my sewing.

  5. Love it! Mighty- I love that we're on the same wavelength! I realized how much time I was wasting doing things I don't like and then stressed about things I should be doing and then not even enjoying the good stuff. It was time.
    Mrs. Fuji- Isn't it the truth? I feel like the last three months just swept me along with them. There is something sweet about being in the moment.
    KT-I think that you are an amazing mom. I also think that making family a priority can almost be a relief. Because then you don't feel like you have to do all these other things. Your job is them. May i also suggest making bentos? xoxo

  6. Pam- glad you liked the goodies. They were supposed to be Christmas treats, but with the flooding, I just stuffed them in the cupboard.

    We would love twins. For now, we're just grateful for what we have. Which includes sleeping through the night. Hee, hee, hee!

  7. Simplify is such a good way of life. I tend to do the opposite of simplifying. It's bad and debilitating b/c then you do so much and in poor quality (and mood).

    My word for 2009 is "Connect"
    I want to connect better with my boys and those around me by making time for them. I also really want to stay connected with my family and friends especially my sweet grandma who is getting so sick and enjoys phone calls more than anything else in the world. I want to talk with my sisters and mom more and who knows maybe even my dad....

  8. p.s like Pammy I'm also enjoying all your posting. Posting a lot may go against the "simplifying" theme but it makes your reader's happy.


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