February 12, 2009

Flowers For Sale

I forgot to mention Mermaid's new entrepreneurial streak. With her monthly allowance has come the desire to buy, buy, buy. But her $5 a month is not cutting it. So, she's been doing extra chores for 10 cents each. Not enough for her. She wants a dollhouse doll that runs $20. Yikes!!

"I know! I'll pick flowers and sell them for 25 cents each!" She has been going on bike rides to pick flowers, tapes them into a bunch, then hawks them on the corner to people coming home from school. So far she's made $2, mostly from the neighbors.

I'm really proud of her for having a goal, and figuring out how to attain it all on her own. And, she's a pretty shy kid, so I'm proud that she's jumping around with her sign and yelling "Flowers for Sale!"

I can't wait for the weather to warm up. She really likes the idea of a lemonade stand.


  1. I remember being morbidly embarrassed about selling stuff (still am-- having a garage sale is like my worst nightmare). This could be a career calling for mermaid! I always wished I was more savvy in that way.

  2. What an entrepreneur! My brother made $10 selling my dad's new snow shovel. He spent the next two years on shovel duty with the old one.


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