February 12, 2009

Mermaid is writing a journal entry for her homework, and thought I'd do the same. It's been kind of crazy here. Jesse got back from his 2nd interview on Tuesday. He said it seemed good, but we will see in a couple of weeks whether we are moving or not. I'm pretty excited about the prospect, but could also be happy that J would have so much more time to finish his dissertation.

The kids are good. Monkey loves preschool. Mermaid loves first grade. They are excited about the prospect of snow boots, snow pants, and snow in general. We think they will be in for a rude awakening.

I still need to fix the camera. So, no pictures yet.


  1. I'm excited to see if you guys move. My kids are excited about snow too. So far their only experience in memory is a light flurry in May, at which they went outside, smiled for the camera and then darted back in saying, "It's freezing!" Rude awakenings will be served at our house too next winter :)

  2. i wish i was excited about snow. maybe we should trade places. unfortunately after 5 winters, i am officially done. snow has lost almost all of its enchantment. sad.

  3. Getting a job in Ohio or NY in this economy would be a huge blessing.

    The girls will love snow. Kids always have fun in the snow.

    I hope Jesse gets a job. If he doesn't get something this year than hopefully there will be another job next year, maybe even in a warmer climate.

    The good thing about living in the snow is that the cost of living is usually cheap. Except for the $200 electric bill every month to heat up your house.

    Chris was complaining that our electric bill went up this month $12 (we usually pay $8) and he suggested I not turn on the heater as much. Humm.... remember the hundreds (probably thousands) of dollars we spend with our heating bill and STILL our house was cold in MA?! yeah, those are the things I guess I wouldn't look forward to.


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