February 2, 2009

Today is Monday

This weekend was Mermaid's birthday. We had a great party, took tons of pictures, and then I deleted them. I haven't gotten around to trying to retrieve them because I'm soloing. J's at his first interview in Ohio. The house is pretty clean, even without him here. Maybe he's messier than he thinks. Hmm.

Church was a little hard since the kids were sleep deprived. I had to take monkey out for a couple of minutes. After meetings I pretty much begged for an invite to dinner and the kids played with their friends. Then I put them to bed at 6:30. I've got babysitting set up for tomorrow and next week as well when J's in NY for interview #2. For FHE tonight, we'll go to the dollar movie. Of course the kids desperately miss Jesse. It's sweet.


  1. pictures or no, i love your posts. happy birthday to miriam.

  2. So exciting! I hope the interviews go well.

    Are you guys at 1 p.m. for church? We are and its killing me. Little C is a basket case the entire time. Actually, so am I. *sigh*


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