May 27, 2009

Changing Addresses...Again

If you haven't heard yet, it's official. Jesse got a one year position at Bates College in Maine! (He was told that it will turn into a tenure track position the following year, so we might be able to stay.) Wow! It's super exciting, super stressful, and super how does one dress for/drive in/live in snow?! I think Jesse's going to be a little freaked out when he sees how pasty white I get in the winter. It's not pretty and he's only ever glimpsed it in pictures (plus I have claw bangs and braces in all of those pictures).

Anyway. I bought one way tickets for me and the kids at the end of August. Jesse will go a little earlier and set up our new digs.

And now it's time to purge: send Enzo his birthday present (months late), go through my fabric (heartrending), and decide whether to sell or donate all our accumulated and outgrown odds and ends.

And poor Jesse has to stomach so many expenses, it's pretty painful. New(er) car (desperately need one), rent (cheaper, but this is our first place out of school so no utilities and super high speed internet thrown in), and moving (even if we take no furniture, it's muito caro).

Well, we have a couple of months left here in socal, and I for one am going to relish every moment. Pool, beach, sun, friends, neighbors. Yay!


  1. yay for Jesse and for you and for the girls.

    Too bad you're leaving California in a time when the state is doing so well financially. I mean, the schools are only getting better with all the budget cuts, no?!

    You're a pro mover, I'm sure it'll be easy to pack all your stuff and head off to a bigger home.

    are you guys selling the girls' loft bed? I'm looking for one for Iris. Not really sure how we'd get it but maybe we can figure it out.

  2. Whohoo! Congratulations. Wow. Maine. So different than Hawaii, Japan and Irvine. You guys are so cool :)
    You've probably come across Soulemama blog. They'd be a good read to brush up on the weather/live in snow advice.
    Let us know if you're making any last minute goodbye trips up here. We'll be here for another month.
    Congrats again!

  3. oh yeah, and I'm already jealous of all the fall colors you'll get to experience

  4. Welcome to the other side....maybe we'll visit!

  5. We're so happy and so sad at the same time! Our two BYU-H connections in the ward are moving east.

  6. Congrats and HAVE FUN with your new adventures! (can you surf in Maine??)


  7. Yay for Jesse. In a time of double digit unemployment, our boy can get a job!!! Pete says, "Of course, it's Jesse!"

    If you have some material you love, send or bring it up and we'll make school dresses for the girls while you're here. I guess sun dresses won't do in Maine so we'll have to put in buttons, zippers and sleeves. What a drag!

    Tutu Kay

  8. Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you guys. Good luck with the move!

  9. Congrats. I'll try to hold back my jealousy. :)
    I am especially glad it could turn into a tenure-track. THAT IS AWESOME. YES!

  10. Congrats! Are you driving cross country or flying? Whichever you do, it's expensive!! You'll have to come visit us on the Jersey shore. We'll hook you up with some free parasailing. ;)

  11. All the searching, applying, and interviewing has finally paid off! Congrats, Jesse, and way to be supportive through all those years of schooling, Bekah. I'm so proud of you guys and know you'll do great over on the East Coast.

  12. yay for relishing. i can't wait to come and relish with you.

  13. Hey Bekah! I somehow found my way to your blog. Hope it's okay?
    I am also sad to see you guys go, but happy for you and your family and the new opportunities that await.
    Thanks for being so kind to my family and I. We have appreciated your invitation to pre-school and many other family events.
    You will be missed.
    So glad we can keep in touch.

  14. CONGRATS! We would love to see you guys again before you make the big move!


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