September 13, 2009

Losing It and Getting Lost. But I Expect to be Found on Thursday.

I'm not sure where my temper keeps going. I'm also not sure why the kids can't sit on their chairs at church, obey certain safety rules, or eat their dinner without screaming. I might find out. Maybe on Thursday.

We had our first adventure on Labor Day. We drove to the beach and stopped at two old forts. Have you read One Morning in Maine? You should. Maine looks exactly like the illustrations.

What you don't see in the pictures are the enormous, slow, and potent mosquitoes. Yikes. It's taken me a week to mostly get over them.

We almost stopped at Popham Beach. I'm sure it was beautiful. We just couldn't get ourselves to pay since we have no proof of residency just yet. We are trying to not be so cheap, but it's hard.

On the way back, Jesse guided us with one of his newer acquisitions. The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer. Which found us on some crazy dirt roads in the middle of nowhere. It was crazy but kind of fun. (I think Jesse hasn't come to terms with his 4WD lifestyle but hypermiling desires.) So we bumped along in our Fit. (This was reminiscent of some 4WD-ing we did in Oregon on logging roads he found in a map, but that was scary, not crazy.) We ended up where we meant to be, but it was mostly gut navigation.

But come Thursday, those who once were lost will now be found. Our GPS should be delivered on Thursday. Our next adventure might lose some of the thrill, but now we can blame the gps if we get lost or on some funky logging road. And Boston won't seem so overwhelming if I know I can depend on my Navi to get me from Ikea to Trader Joe's, to the church cannery and back to the Ames'.

If only it could show me where my temper is.


  1. Glad to see you're having some fun. It looks beautiful. Wish I were there (mosquitoes and all--they don't tend to like me).

  2. I need a GPS to lead me back to my patience.

    Today I put Amaya in time out about 30 times. Really. 3 times for time out and then 10 times I had to put her back in time out each of those 3 times. Time out sucks. You can see which one of us is really learning her lesson here.

    I love that you guys do adventures. We're sort of repetitive over here.

  3. Pam, those suckers even like Jesse. Weirdly enough, they weren't as keen of Gwyn or even Miriam (who if you remember is better than repellent when you're with her they love her so much.)

  4. GPSs saved us when we moved to CA. We even got lost driving home for christmas. :P
    My temper is no where to be found as well. I think it got lost with my sleep.
    That fort looks AWESOME! Good job getting out and doing some exploring.


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