September 14, 2009

My brother Pete doesn't have any kids of his own. If he never does, I'd like him to rest assured that some of his genetics will be passed down by her:

And just to re-emphasize:

This morning, her alarm clock woke up Jesse, two rooms away.


  1. haha That's pretty good. I wish my kids were like that, actually. The neighbor's alarm clock wakes them up at 6am!

  2. ha ha sounds like gio. up all night. sleep all day.

  3. It's not like I jumped out of bed to turn it off either. I put up with it for fifteen minutes before coming in to turn it off and then she got mad at me, because she want to wake up to it. (Yeah, but to do that you have to wake up!) "It's not loud enough." Yeah, but do we really want to start down that path. Do they have alarm clocks that take your blanket off or splash cold water in your face?

  4. Glad to see you all made it to Maine! Looks like all is well with your family. Take care.

  5. hahaha, thats hilarious! nephi has been doing that lately as well!
    good to see your blog! sounds like you guys have been having a blast! hope you make good friends up there!


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