October 1, 2009


Monkey and I had a field trip to Freeport, the LL Bean flagship store, and the outlets that grace the downtown area. I bought some silk long johns which I hear will make me very happy this winter. I also ate my first lobster roll. One of Jesse's colleagues suggested making a sport of trying to find the best lobster roll in Maine. I think we're a little too cheap for that. But...it was delicious. Cold steamed lobster in a bun seasoned with butter and dill. A little salad dressing at the bottom. Yum! Monkey had a hot dog and Oakhurst chocolate milk.

The drive to Freeport was gorgeous. You follow the river on a small highway. The trees are starting to change color, so it's really breathtaking.


  1. i want to be there. love the trees.

  2. Yum! Sounds like fun. That's so neat you got to go with. Wow- I miss those fall colors. I've opted to putting up fake garlands in the house this year.

  3. I admit, I'm a wimp when it comes to shellfish.

    But I did eat scallops tonight and tried to enjoy them. I'm such a bad foodie.

    Have to admit that I don't miss fall colors, but I do like to look at them from far, far, away. Very nice.


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