October 2, 2009

Richardson's Island

Don't you love this shot of Mermaid? She finally lost both front teeth. She lisps now.
Last weekend we went on a little kayak trip off of Cape Elizabeth near Portland. Richardson's island is just a quick paddle from the coast. The island is actually quite large. It would probably take an hour to walk around the perimeter. We hiked, played on the beach, and kayaked. And, it didn't take the whole day. Yay!


  1. A couple people asked us where our other kayak was. That doesn't look like a four person kayak to you?

    It actually paddles surprisingly well by itself, and only slightly less well with kids. But, since the last growth spurt (them, not me), four people is pretty tight. AND, despite the many hours I have spent fixing it, it still leaks somewhere.

  2. A family that kayaks together, stays together. :)

  3. Miriam's getting so big. You guys look good in blue (water). Looks fun. I'd love to visit right now, see the fall. You'll have to post pictures.


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