October 30, 2009

Halloween Fun

Every time I pull out my super concentrated food coloring from Japan, I'm stoked. We made some wicked fun Halloween cookies last week. I found the cookie mold at Marden's (a post of its own someday) as well as the sprinkles and orange icing. The rest of the colors came courtesy of my powdered food coloring from Japan and store bought icing. Now I just have to work on my food photography.


  1. I totally forgot when I went on my no-sugar thing that I LOVE sugar cookies with icing. Love love love. Now I hate hate hate eating no sugar.


    And where were you when I really needed some super dark red food coloring? Our food coloring sucks. Everything turns pink, not red.

  2. I would suggest that anyone who ever colors any food get the real deal. You can get it any craft store that sells cake decorating supplies. I think it's worth the 5 or so dollar investment because the colors are soooooo much better. And they last forever.

  3. Marden's. We used to go there every time I went up there. Used to hear about it all the time. Funny/fun to me to hear it from you now too :)


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