November 23, 2009

Getting Crafty for Christmas

My friend had a baby shower on Friday, so I decided to make this little sweater. But I didn't finish it until today, so she got diapers instead. This is my first sweater. It was super beginner, and obviously doesn't lay very straight. Jesse was giving me a hard time because the pieces are square and rectangular. He has no imagination. I got a whole bunch of yarn at Goodwill for $12. I'm excited to try to make some sweaters for the kids since we actually wear them here. This one will end up as a Christmas present for one of the quads, I guess.

In other news, Jesse got his dissertation in last week. We find out tomorrow what the committee decides. And we got church callings. Who wants to take a guess?


  1. gorgeous little jumper Bekah! Who is having quads?

  2. I do love nursery! Jill, the quads are my 3 nieces and nephew that were born to Jesse's sisters (kaity's 3rd, Sienna's 1st) and brothers (Enoch's 4th and Christian's 2nd) w/in 4 weeks of each other in Aug and Sept.


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