November 16, 2009

Reading For Pleasure

This weekend Jesse and I did a little job swap. He watched the kids and I worked on his dissertation. It was surprisingly relaxing. J got to some sewing he's been wanting me to do, and I proofread all 295 pages, including footnotes. It was fun to use my little red pen crossing out superfluous articles and inserting missing prepositions. It took me back to my Reading Writing Center days in college when I had the MLA handbook memorized. Unfortunately, Jesse used Chicago, so I was of little citing help. But I am now able to say that I have read Jesse's dissertation from start to finish. And I've learned a lot about Ennin, the Hui Chang persecution, the history of journals in Japan, and what the heck my husband has been doing the last three years or so.


  1. I just want to add that I also cleaned the whole house, with Miriam and Gwyn's help. And we went to the antique flea market in Brunswick. and tried to go ice skating, but ended up playing on the rock climbing wall, and the crash mats in the gym. And it was a hugely needed break for me, and I was super grateful for the help. I had been putting off reading through the whole thing, because I was so sick of the whole thing and felt like I had no perspective. So, today, as I made the changes, I was grateful for each little corrected typo that was going to be one less my advisors had to see. Oh, and if you're wondering, Bekah's still got it. (Her proof-reading skills, the reason I married her.)

  2. I want to add that it took me a gazillion hours just to read the intro, so you are amazing for reading 256 pages in one weekend.
    It has been way too long since I have used my brain.

    And, can I just scandalize you by telling you that they've changed MLA just this last summer? You're supposed to include the media type now. AUGH!
    And no more underlining. It's italicize, or die.

  3. i have been to cheap and lazy to buy the new MLA book. my teachers have been threatening to enforce it, but haven't yet.

    good job Bekah! (and Jesse).

  4. good job (both of you and the girls too) Nice team effort.

  5. hooray for proofreading wives! can't wait to see you guys next week!!


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