December 15, 2009

Christmas help

Here's a question for my 20 or so readers. What are your best stocking stuffer ideas? I haven't gotten anything for the kiddies yet.

And here's another question. What are some good games for the kids? They had fun playing uno and cadoo with their cousins, I'd like to add to the arsenal.


  1. I've been trying to think of games too (because Eleanor always wants to play a game- only all of ours are 12+). I just ordered Zingo (4-8yrs) I think your girls are probably just barely on different levels (especially reading) so maybe some games like Sorry or Guess Who? (They can play that one just the two of them!). Also I love Apples to Apples so maybe the Jr version (though I've never played it).
    Stocking stuffer ideas: Bubble bath, cute little notebooks & pens, hair accessories, silly putty ($1 section at target), silly straws, small jigsaw puzzle, mittens/scarf/hat, UNO/other card game, nail polish, fridge magnets, special christmas tree ornament, lip smackers, sock slippers, book (christmas or church?- that they can read in sacrament).
    We usually got those life savor 'books' and also an orange and apple in our stocking as well (if the stockings are big and you don't want to fill it all with candy).

  2. My Mom always put funky colored pens/pencils in our stockings. We also usually got coupons for things like "Dinner with Dad" or "A Day Out with Mom" or "Free chore pass" that we could redeem during the year. Stickers are also a good idea.

    Games, hmm, my kids are a lot younger than yours, but Kenny and I love games and play them all the time. The standards, Old Maid, Go Fish, Crazy 8s are always popular card games. Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders are good board games. Also, when I was a kid we always enjoyed played Yahtzee, Connect Four, Trouble and Checkers (Chinese Checkers too).

  3. I'm really excited about the 'smencils' we all get in our stockings this year. The boys are always excited to get their own pack of gum (sugarless, of course). Everything else is pretty similar to what has already been mentioned.

    My boys are really into games. Current favs are 'clue' and chess. I like cranium 'whoonu' because it appeals to a wide age range, even adults. We have apples to apples jr, and it's fun for the kids(and cheap!). I'm planning to get 'scrabble slam!' this year if i can.

    Merry Christmas to you all!

  4. When I was at Dan's we played a fun game called 5 Crowns. Abby had to have help but she was playing it well. Chris's mom said she found it at a teachers' store and there are some other games the same company puts out that are progressively harder. I looked online and found

    They have 5 Crowns. I don't remember the names of the other games.

  5. My kids are really into these mini twistable crayons:

    we also got them little flashlights.

  6. my favorite game to play when I was their age was "Guess Who"

    It's a 2 person game and my older sister and I would play for hours.

    as for stocking stuffer I am always into food. Foodzie has cool stuff, like kits for making their own gums or gummie bears. Buy it off our blog so we'll get a cut :)

  7. we really like Zooreka (by Cranium -- kind of like a kids settlers) and a lot of the games by Thinkfun (zingo, rush hour, chocolate fix) and Gamewright (rat a tat cat, slamwich).

  8. Last year my neices and nephew brought the game Pictureka and it was so fun. It worked well for just about all age groups, and even the kids could easily beat the adults.

  9. I usually get stocking stuffers from the dollar store. I actually find good stuff there including candy/nuts whatever.

  10. our boys love Uno Attack. It's fun for everyone! And they love Sorry and Battleship but I really can't see your girls getting into that :) I always have a hard time with stockings. One thing I have done is gone to a second hand store and picking little toys out of their .50 cent baskets. My boys love little animals so I can usually find cheap ones there.

    Yeah, and the cold is hard to get used to! It was shocking for us the first winter after moving from so cal. I can't say I've gotten used to it though. So, uh, good luck with that!

  11. Sorry to give my input after Christmas but maybe it will help next year. We tried putting the little boxes of cereal in their stockings. They loved it because we never get the sugar filled cereals and I didn't mind because one bowl is not going to hurt. The new game Daniel wanted to try this year was Pass the Pigs. David kept score and all the others enjoyed just seeing which way their pigs would land. Hope you had a good Christmas and stay warm.


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