December 14, 2009

J's new camera

Jesse has deemed himself worthy of a DSLR. We had some fun subjects come up for the weekend to test out the camera. T-Man was an especially willing model. Can I say how fun it is to have family relatively close by? We've counted ourselves lucky to see these guys once a year previously. Now they can't get rid of us! We went sledding on Saturday. The perfect kid hill is just a block down the street in a civil war cemetery. The $5 snowboard goes the fastest and you can load the most people on it. The kids and E played some vicious Clifford Uno during their downtime and had to settle it with paper, rock, scissors. Thanks for coming up E and kids.

As he's the subject, can you tell who has been doing most of the camera testing? And who is going to install Lightroom (thanks Tony) after this post is up? Not really his fault. Within an hour or so of getting the call that his dissertation was approved he was fielding calls from the stake president's secretary. Meet the newest member of the bishopric:You can laugh uproariously, smile slyly and wish him good luck, or just tell how uncomfortable he looks on the stand. Those have been my favorite reactions thus far. And of course, condolences to his wife are welcome as well.


  1. Wow, what a difference a great camera makes! My husband is in his 4th bishopric in 5 years...I feel your pain.

  2. good luck to both of you. glad lightroom arrived safely. congrats on the new camera. so glad the nyc palmers made it to maine already.

  3. Nice pictures and you are welcome I'm glad you guys like it. We are Jealous! Looks like great times and fun. We really want to come visit.

  4. If Jesse is anywhere near as good a bishopric counselor as he was a home teacher, he will be the greatest thing Maine ever saw. Congrats to you all!

  5. thanks for the good news report, bekah.

  6. Oh Bekah, they always get the good ones :)

    Good luck. It really wasn't that bad at all. I kept telling myself it was 100 times better than being called as the Bishop (which we haven't been thank goodness!).

    And the silver lining? He will never be an Elder's Q Pres again! That's a really nice silver lining, I think.


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