January 26, 2010

The Bug's Going Around

The kids have been trading a virus for the last week or so. Nothing super serious, but it has impinged on my sleep and workouts. Tragic, I know.

The monkey threw up in the car. Gross. She had been sitting in the school office for the 15 minutes previous. Why she couldn't do the deed there and not in our new car? Right after lunch? Where she ate a whole lot for someone who was feeling ill. "I've thrown up two times in my life, right?" I guess so.

The Mermaid is baffled by illness as it occurs once every other year in her body. She's not sure what to make of the stuffy nose and sore throat. She woke up rather dramatically at 5:30 this morning crying that she couldn't swallow. I gave her some magic motrin and now she's hooked on the stuff. "Can I get more of those pink pills?"
No. Toughen up.

Jesse is not allowed to get sick. He's too busy. I suppose I could get sick. But it's incredibly inconvenient for the family when I do, so I won't.


  1. Car vomit is the WORST!

    p.s. Have you heard of that "Kids and Pets" cleaner?

  2. no. but amy has urine out or urine b gone or something like that. Totally cracked me up. But I wanted to know how to get some myself.

    I appreciate that someone has finally grouped children with pets. I've always found pets redundant, myself.


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