January 24, 2010

Das Wandern

I did not marry a miller (if you get this reference before clicking on the link, you are as random as me). I married an academic. Who knew they were both wanderers (with deep attractions to water). I kind of wish we had a magical gypsy wagon that unfolded with all our belongings inside. We could take it on our roving way and always be at home.

So our next adventure will lead us to...

We have no idea.

My guesses are:
-there will be water nearby.
-we will get to be near people we love.
-we will make wonderful new friends.
-we will experience amazing new things.
-we will miss the friends we made.
-we will be together.
-we will be happy.

(Jesse says it sounds like I'm trying a little too hard to convince someone that I'm ok with this. He's right. That someone is me.)


  1. I really don't like not knowing what is in the future. It kind of bothers me to no end. People always ask us what our plan is and I think our plan is basically no plan. Things kind of move around us and it eventually, in retrospect, seems to have been okay. I get tired of lots of things about it.
    So I sympathize. I know you're probably thinking, "but you haven't moved at all!" but not moving seems frustrating as well. I'm waiting for some sort of satisfying future action.

  2. That is a really good list. We are thinking of you. Call me sometime.

  3. ARe you moving already?!? Did I miss something in your posts? We have a university here in Boise :)

  4. forget academia and start a consulting company for people who have to move. You guys have so much experience, you could give great advice to families who have to relocate.

    do you guys at least get to stay until the girls are done with the school year or do they kick you out of faculty housing?

    Hope your next place is warmer, but just as pretty as Maine.


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