January 14, 2010

Doctor's Without Borders

I donated. You can, too.


  1. I gave to red cross. I can never tell who is the best group to give to. Last time I just gave to the church, but I did want it to go to the SPECIFIC disaster. It's a weird system.

  2. Hi Bekah. Miss you guys!! I donated too. how did you add the link on your sidebar? I tried to do it, but couldn't figure it out...I'm super lame with computers...

  3. Awesome friends! Isn't it amazing how much money was donated in such a short time through social networking and text messages? Chelsea, after you donate through doctors w/o borders there's a place where you can share with your friends. There is a box of html code that you copy and then but in your sidebar. I'm pretty lame with computers myself, so hope that helped.


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